Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in sponsoring or donating to our walk? We except all donations, in any amount! Below are the levels listed which include what your buisness will receive in return for your contribution amount, as well as, additional items which are needed for the day of the run/walk.

PLATINUM–$1000 +

  • Complimentary Table
  • Company Name/logo prominent on T-shirt
  • Company Name/logo prominent on website


  • Company name/logo large on t-shirt
  • Company name/logo large on website


  • Company name/logo on T-shirt
  • Company name/logo on website


  • Company name/logo on website

Don’t be overwhelmed by the numbers,though! We need items, too! Once again, anything you can do to help is appreciated! To receive your name on our website, you can also donate one of these VERY important items!


  • Soft Pretzels
  • Prize Items
  • Walmart Gift Cards (to be utilized the event items ie. tablecovers, supplies, etc.)
  • fund the rental of 15 8ft banquet tables and 30 folding chairs  (approximately $200.00)
  • fund the Rental Truck needed for the day of the walk (approximately $150.00)
  • fund the balloon/facepainting for the day of the event (approximately 450.00)
  • fund the photo booth for the day of the event (approximately $500.00)

Of course, if you are not able to sponsor/donate an item- your help volunteering on the day of the walk is always welcome and appreciated, as well as, distributing flyers/brochures!